Frequently Asked Questions


What is a CMR and why choose Hudson-Gillmor Associates?

A CMR is a Certified Marketing Representative. They can place ads in any of the Yellow Page Directories in North America…..and beyond. Because their services are compensated by the publishers there are no extra costs for their services. It is simply a more comprehensive level of YP advertising which the publishers and the Yellow Pages Association recognizes as necessary for businesses that advertise across a broad area.

Hudson-Gillmor Associates is one of approximately 200 CMRs across the US. Each CMR, large and small, must successfully complete the same rigorous training and evaluation before attaining their certification. HGA doesn’t claim to be the biggest, nor do we strive to be the biggest – just the BEST.  We work for you and provide a level of customer service that is unheard of in the industry. We don’t just sell yellow page advertising; we are an agency that partners with our clients to evaluate the different advertising options that make sense for their budget, their industry and their marketing plan. We work with you to develop a plan if you don’t have one or improve the one you have.

Another perk that all our clients rave about is the level of organization and efficiency provided by HGA.  As an HGA client you will receive a customized three ring binder that houses “all things yellow”, including your total account summary (your entire program at a glance), tabbed sections for each directory and state in which you advertise, areas for filing artwork, contract, communication, etc.  We keep a mirror-image copy in our HGA office. So, anytime we communicate both parties can easily discuss and see the same information.  Each time we send you something that goes in the notebook we tell you where it should be placed. On more than one occasion during a face-to-face visit, we have organized a client’s binder for them!  While the notebook is our “low tech” approach to satisfaction, rest assured that we have client logins available on our server, web cam conferencing, electronic signatures and more for those who find comfort in a cyber connection.

We strive to give you as much or as little contact and/or paperwork as you feel comfortable.  Many of our clients prefer to review the entire year at once, sign off on everything and be done with it.  Others prefer a monthly or quarterly consultation.  HGA works at least two months ahead of directory close dates so you are not pressured with any “eleventh hour” decisions.

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I do okay myself. Why do I need a Yellow Page Advertising Agency?

While you may do okay, we can help you to thrive! Not to mention, we can free you up to concentrate on other things you do best.  Common issues we see with people doing their own ad design and placement include:

  • Over buying
  • Overuse of color
  • Incorrect directory placement
  • Lack of competitive analysis across directories and publishers
  • Incomplete picture/disorganization of their total yellow pages program
  • Overwhelmed by pressure from multiple sales reps and directory publishers

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Don’t I need a local agency if something happens so they can be here?

Not at all. Unlike traditional advertising, yellow page advertising is handled differently and does not necessarily require that your agency be local, especially in the age of instant communication via phone and email. What you need are experienced CMRs who know the product, the industry, and the competition.  Keep in mind the Yellow Pages is one of the places where you are surrounded by your competition; when you use a specialized company like Hudson-Gillmor Associates, Inc. we utilize our experience, research and talent to develop a strategic campaign that gets your phone to ring rather than your competitor’s. We have years of success in the industry and can leverage our experience to get you the best placement and prices available! We will be your single point of contact to make sure your message impacts those decision makers and purchasers

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What is National Placement and how do I know if my business qualifies for it?

Publishers require clients to advertise in at least 3 states, in 20 or more directories, with at least 2 publishers, and they also require that 30% of the advertising revenue must be outside the highest revenue state.

If you are not sure your business qualifies, or if your business is close but not quite there, give us a call and let us help you evaluate ways to make it happen! Most publishers will consider companies that do business regionally so Hudson-Gillmor Associates an opportunity to explore all that yellow page advertising has to offer.

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Can you help me if my business does not qualify for National Placement?

The account managers at HGA are available on a consulting basis to help you with research, development of strategic marketing plans, negotiation with publishers and artwork on a fee-for-service basis. Fees are commensurate with the specific consulting project.

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What are the other costs associated with Yellow Page Ad Development?

Our services cost you nothing. In addition, we can help you maximize your dollars through publisher incentives and discounts not otherwise available to the public. Our creative and research work costs are part and parcel of our services. We assist you in evaluating your ROI through comprehensive analysis using innovative tools and technology. We want you to know how your advertising dollars are working for you!

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How do I get started?

We want to talk with you about your objectives and plans. We will get authorization from you to develop a marketing plan so we can ensure you are getting exactly what your business needs.

First and foremostwe will need:

  • List of directories or contracts (if available) for your CURRENT yellow pages advertising
  • List of the various YP HEADINGS under which you have listing or ads
  • Any co-op guidelines from brands you are authorized to represent in yellow pages ads

This information will allow us to evaluate your current program, and determine an appropriate time to transition to the National Channel based on upcoming directory deadlines and other factors that must be considered in order to make the transition seamless.

Things needed from you in order to submit your plan to the various publishers and begin the “National Advertiser” process:

  • Signed Letter of Agency on YOUR company letterhead (template provided)
  • A few sheets of blank letterhead – used when we contact the publishers
  • Signed Agreement For National Yellow Pages Service (one provided for return, one to keep, a completed copy will also be returned to you)

As with anything worthwhile, there is some preliminary work that is unavoidable. However, once the set-up is complete, we have no doubt you will be glad you made the choice to rely on Hudson-Gillmor Associates. Let’s make this happen soon.

After all,

We Turn Yellow Into Green!

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