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              February  2008 

Shaking the Money Tree

Businesses struggle every day about where best to spend their money.  j0382570.jpgAlong with yellow pages advertising in print, now they are faced with whether to advertise online as well.  If you are deliberating the benefits of IYP (Internet Yellow Pages) consider this:

♦Consumers reference IYP more than 3.3 billion times annually. Source:comScore 2006

50.7% of IYP users are new customers to a business. Source:KN/SRI 2006

Learn more about MAKING money, not just spending it.

Bogus Billing Scams

Big Nose.jpg Did you ever receive a "yellow pages" bill and something just didn't seem right?  Not everyone out there is legitimate. 

When this happens: 

  • Trust your instincts
  • Remember the "walking fingers" are NOT copyrighted
  • Call HGA to review and confirm.

    Click here or call:        1.800.688.5910

A Word From... HGA's CEO, Brenda L. Hudson

bhudson.gifWe often have someone ask, "Now, what type of business is Hudson-Gillmor Associates?"  Some even ask if we are a law firm or perhaps a phone directory publisher.  Well, we are none of the above, but we do offer a very unique service to yellow page clients on a national and local basis.
Certified Marketing Representative
HGA is an independent agency certified by Yellow Pages Association to represent all yellow page publishers in the USA and international.  We developcustomized plan based on directories that are in your target market and create effective advertising.
Personal Service
Each client works with one Client Service Representative to execute and coordinate your Yellow Pages advertising program. 
Program Planning
Your Service Representative will conduct an extensive review and analysis of your program and recommend a cost effective program.  You will receive your updates and recommendations well in advance of directory close dates.
Budget Proposals
We will assist with your budget planning and develop a plan that fits your budget.  Reports can be generated that show your annual program and rates for each directory.
Processing of Orders
Our orders are transmitted directly to the phone book publisher via the ELITE program that is approved by the yellow page industry.  We are set up on a state of the art database that is backed up and maintained by Yellow Pages Association.
Graphic Design
Our graphic design team has over 30 years experience in developing professional ads that work.  We also work with businesses who want to provide their own art or use a media service.
Customized Billing
Our billing is processed each month in an easy to read format.  We provide specialized billing for accounts that need a breakdown of locations for their accounting department. 

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Shaking the Money Tree

Bogus Billing Scams

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