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                           March  2008 

Shaking the Money Tree

 j0382570.jpgYou might think because HGA is in the Yellow Pages business we frown upon our clients spending their advertising dollars on other forms of media. 

We know it is not realistic or prudent to put all your eggs in one basket.  As a matter of fact, if you want your radio, television, direct mail, or billboards to work HARDER for you then team them up with Yellow Pages in your marketing plan.

The 2006 TNS Media Intelligence study revealed that adding yellow pages to your marketing plan boosts your advertising REACH 17% or more. Why not get the MOST from all your advertising investments?

Learn more about MAKING money,

not just spending it.

Decisions, Decisions

pulling hair out.jpg7382 - This is the number of yellow pages directories in the United States.

240- This is the number of publishers of directories.

Add in the the sales reps that come calling with the "our book is best" pitch and you have a formula that adds up to confusion and frustration.

A CMR, such as HGA, is certified to make sense of it all and be your ONE point of contact.  Peace of mind for you and advertising that helps grow your business is our goal for you.

Choosing HGA - a very good decision.
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Yellow Pages Online, Part One: 


Along with print advertising, HGA is certified to place online yellow pages advertising for our clients.  One provider of Internet Yellow Pages (IYP)  we are proud to be associated with and spotlight in this issue is YELLOWPAGES.COM. 

Launched in 1996, YELLOWPAGES.COM combined three leading IYP sites - SMARTpages.com, RealPages.com and YellowPages.com. Through the YELLOWPAGES.COM network (including distribution on Switchboard and AOL Yellow Pages), advertisers receive exposure to more than 100 million monthly searches.

As an advertiser with YELLOWPAGES.COM, not only does the information in your print ad appear on the page, the customer or potential customer is able to INTERACT.  They can get a map and directions to your business, call you directly from the IYP ad, link to your website, print coupons, gift certificates, hear an Audio Ad, and actually see a Video Ad. The possibilities are endless and enhancements are being made regularly.

Many clients first response to IYP advertising is feeling like it is just another way to get all their money. True, the service in not free. However, it is an amazing "sales person" that works for you 24/7/365 - a member of your team that never tires and ultimately increases your bottom line.

Next month - information about another IYP provider.

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Shaking the Money Tree

Decisions, Decisions

Yellow Pages Online, Part 1



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