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                           April 2008 

Shaking the Money Tree

As a business owner, would you rather spend your time and money j0382570.jpgon a potential customer who is just thinking about buying or on someone who is READY TO BUY?

The facts back it up.  More than any other medium, Yellow Pages influence more shoppers. Yellow Pages users are READY TO BUY.  Make sure they are ready to buy from you.

Being in the yellow pages is great.  Standing out from the other ads competing for the consumers attention is vital.

Based upon 155 product and service categories, consumers used Yellow Pages more than any other medium when making a purchase.  

Source: TNS Media Impact Study 2006

Learn more about

 MAKING money,

not just spending it.

Headings: Game of Chance or Skill? 

Choosing the appropriate YP headings under which to advertise your business  can be a daunting and - lets face it - expensive undertaking. Roulette.jpgWhy take chances?

In an effort to cut costs many advertisers choose an "all encompassing" heading where every product or service associated with their business can be found. Or can they?  Yes, they have saved money, but will the customer be more or less likely to find them.

Instead of just taking their chances, advertisers must ask, "WWCD - What Would the Customer Do"? If someone really needs my service or product what heading would they search first?

CMR's have a wealth of information available on the most referenced YP headings.  Getting inside the customer's head and choosing wisely means more business for you!       

      Click here or call:        1.800.688.5910

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HGA is happy to feature another IPY (internet yellow pages) partner this month. Deb Edomm with Idearc Media supplied us with the following valuable information to pass on to you.

Superpages.com® : The Local Search ExpertSMis a top online resource for finding information and insights on businesses and retailers.  Along with its database of local and national businesses,  Superpages.com offers video clips, user reviews, maps, driving directions, comparison shopping and city guides. Superpages.com is also available with select wireless carriers and handsets via Superpages MobileSM(mobile.superpages.com). 

In 2007, Superpages.com saw an increase of more than 2 billion network searches from 2006 to over 4.8 billion network searches. In addition, Superpages.com had more than 17 million small-to-medium-sized business listings in the United States, of which more than 10 million featured enhanced content. Superpages.com has alliances with more than 250 Web sites which feature its advertisers and listings.



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Shaking the Money Tree

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