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                           May 2008 

Shaking the Money Tree

Everyone loves a good DEAL -Especially when you are investing thousands of dollars in your Yellow Pages program each year. 

j0382570.jpgMost publishers have incentive programs for national advertisers. CMRs, such as HGA, are alerted to these deals on a daily basis, and we get excited as well when we can provide a client an opportunity to get more for their money. Some publishers are even willing to negotiate a lower price if they don't have a deal that fits the advertisers needs. 

A savvy CMR will go to bat for you and research the available discount programs that each publisher offers. Growth of your bottom line is the goal.  Making that growth less painful and more profitable is the objective. 

  Learn more about MAKING money, not just spending it.

How BIG is National?

When advertising "nationally" is AmFlag.jpgmentioned some business owners see the entire US map flash before their eyes and nearly pass out from the thought of parting with all that money.

In reality, the Yellow Pages Association (YPA) criteria for a National Advertiser is far less overwhelming. Ads or listings must be:

* placed with 2 different publishers

* in a minumum of 20 directories

* within 3 states

* 30% of dollars outside primary state

HGA's passion is helping grow businesses that are just within the minimum requirements. The satisfaction of seeing a business thrive and expand is BIG BUSINESS to us!

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Multiple Directories in a Market

lshinn.gifLisa Shinn, HGA Vice President and Asst. Director of Client Services 
Currently 7,400 directories are published across the United States. In 2003 an average household received 3 Yellow Page directories.  In 2008, the average household will receive 5 directories.  In today's market,  a multi-directory buy is the best way to raise customers response in calling you.
How can one make an informed decision as to how much advertising to place within a directory? HGA carefully studies Directory Share Rating reports to determine directory usage. (DSR is the only independent, third-party to conduct usage share research for Yellow Pages unencumbered by publisher sponsorship and influence.) 
You want to buy ads in the YP directories that are used the most.  (This may or may not be the same thing as the directory that has the most printed copies or are delivered to the most households & businesses.)  HGA understands the investment you are making with your advertising dollars and wants you to have the very best reach with the money you spend. Using HGA as your CMR gives you the advantage because we make our recommendations based upon what is happening in the market with actual usage reports.  We have the roadmap to navigate the maze successfully!  Ask your HGA Account Rep. about the DSR report today.

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Shaking the Money Tree

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Multiple Directories in a Market 


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