HGA is a Certified Marketing Rep, CMR, for print and online yellow pages advertising. Our clients are businesses that have multiple locations or reach a broad geographical area with their advertising. The Yellow Pages Association, YPA, created CMRs so that businesses would not have to deal with MULTIPLE yellow pages reps from MULTIPLE directory publishers. HGA serves as ONE point of contact for a business for planning, management, placement, keeping up with deadlines, graphic design, and billing. We are authorized to work directly with EVERY publisher of yellow pages in the US and abroad on a client's behalf. We also have access to generous incentives/discounts from the directory publishers that are passed on to the client. Businesses that meet the "National" criteria PAY NOTHING in addition to the cost of advertising.

Feature Products or Services

  • Print & Online Yellow Pages Mgmt/Consulting
  • Graphic Design included with Mgmt Services
  • Proven ROI with all IYP providers

Competitive Advantages

  • Small company, same authority as the BIG guys
  • Mgmt with over 38 yrs of "yellow" experience
  • We like emerging National accts that other reject

Our ideal client is YOU! We especially like partnerships with local or family owned businesses of any kind that have successfully grown and need help growing further spending their yellow pages marketing dollars wisely. Our ideal would be doing business or planning to do business in at least three states. A tri-state area market, where business touches on the borders of three states is perfect.

Many businesses consider Yellow Pages a "necessary evil". We make the process hassle free, understandable, comprehensive and all withhin YOUR budget! We've never had any customer say they want to go back to their "old way" of handling the yellow pages advertising. We turn YELLOW into GREEN -- for you!